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Are mushroom growing kits worth it?

Yes! and other mushroom kits do not compare to ours! But seriously, this is a question many enthusiastic cultivators have asked. The internet is awash with tutorials, ideas, and how-tos on growing your own gourmet mushrooms at home. While it is easy to get caught up in the DIY mentality when growing mushrooms, sometimes forgone simplicity can leave you discouraged or dissatisfied with the results.

Mushroom grow kits (often called a "block" or "grow bag") are an alternative option for those who want to cultivate their own fungi without dedicating too much time or money to their project. They also make a perfect holiday gift for your garden loving eco conscious friends! These kits make it easy to grow delicious mushrooms on the kitchen counter year-round. Click here to purcahase yours today!

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How long does it take to grow a mushroom kit?

A mushroom grow kit can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to produce the first harvest (also called the first flush). Most kits produce at least two crops of fresh mushrooms. This process is called "fruiting" or "flushing." When your kit is exposed to the right combination of light, temperature, and humidity, the mushroom mycelium will form mushrooms.

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What are the benefits of growing mushrooms from a kit?

Simplicity and convenience are the main benefits of using a mushroom growing kit. Every mushroom growing kit includes all of the necessary components, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing or preparing any materials. Mushroom growing kits also require little to no work and come with directions that explain the process of cultivation and allow you to simply check on your mushrooms until ready to harvest.It has never been easier to grow indoors.

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What are the disadvantages of growing a mushroom kit?

Not all grow kits are created equal - some produce more mushrooms than others. Harvest amounts are usually indicated in the grow kit product description but can vary depending on how well your growing conditions match your kit’s needs. For example, if you choose an oyster mushroom growing kit, it may produce large quantities of mushrooms quickly; however, if you select the maitake mushroom growing kit it may take longer and produce fewer mushrooms.

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How long do mushroom growing kits last?

Each grow kit usually lasts for about 2-3 harvests, but this will vary depending on the variety of grow kit you choose. Kits may produce more or less mushrooms in total before they expire and must be replaced.

Is growing mushrooms from a kit difficult?

You do not need a green thumb to grow mushrooms with these indoor gardening kits. There is very little required from the user to successfully grow mushrooms at home beyond maintaining a suitable environment. Our kits come with clear, concise instructions that are easy to follow. The only maintenance you may need to do is misting your mushrooms a few times a day, which can be done with a spray bottle.

Are mushroom growing kits reusable?

Mushroom kits are not reusable, but most of them produce at least 2 harvests’ worth of mushrooms. This means that you can get multiple harvests out of a single kit before needing to replace it. After a mushroom block stops producing, you can bury it to get some more flushes from the soil surface!

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What varieties of mushroom growing kits are available?

There are a number of varieties for you to choose from, including shiitake, golden oysters, enoki, maitake, pearl oysters, lion’s mane, and many others. There is a kit for many different types of mushrooms in terms of edibility and cultivation requirements, so you can adjust your kit accordingly to fit your needs.

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When should I harvest mushrooms from my grow kit?

Harvest time will depend on the type of mushroom kit you are using, but typically mushrooms are harvested once they have reached maturity. Check the product description or instructions that your kit includes for more information on when to pick your fresh mushrooms.

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How do I cook my own mushrooms?

Mushrooms can be cooked in a number of ways, but one of the simplest and most popular methods is to sauté them in butter or olive oil. Get creative! Some mushrooms have unique properties. Lion's mane has a flavor and texture similar to crab meat. For more ideas, check out our recipe blog for delicious dishes that will make your taste buds dance. Remember: Most mushrooms should not be eaten raw!

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How do I store/preserve my own mushrooms?

Once harvested, the best way to store mushrooms is in a ventilated container or wrapped loosely in brown paper. Never place mushrooms inside a sealed plastic bag. Store them as you would any other fresh fruit - avoid putting them near foods with strong odors that might interfere with mushroom flavor. You can also dry your mushrooms on a dehydrator or sauté and freeze them.

Should I remove the plastic from my mushroom kit?

No - leave the plastic in place. Only shiitake mushrooms require the plastic to be removed. The plastic holds in moisture and will improve overall yield dramatically. If you see baby mushroom growing underneath the plastic- just ignore them. These baby mushrooms (also called pins) will usually stall and stop growing because they do not have enough fresh air.

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What should I do with my mushroom kit when it no longer produces mushrooms?

Once you’ve harvested all of the mushrooms, it is time to dispose of your kit. This usually happens after the second flush. You should not throw it away! There are ways to reuse the kit so that nothing goes to waste. You can bury the kit outside where it will produce more mushrooms and eventually become soil-enriching compost for the garden. Some people use the old grow kit as mushroom spawn!

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Can I resell mushroom kits from Fungi Farm?

Yes! The mushroom grow kit is one of our most popular products. Fungi Farm has designed its mushroom grow kits to be used by commercial growers, resellers, and normal people who want to grow mushrooms indoors. We encourage you to resell our products - you can become an affiliate here - or contact for bulk discounts.Contact us if you have any questions!

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How much light does my mushroom kit need?

Most of our kits can be grown in low light conditions, though some varieties require more. In general, indirect light is sufficient for growing mushrooms indoors.

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What temperature is best for my mushroom kit?

Most mushroom kits can be cultivated within a fairly wide range of temperatures. Kits do best at room temperature but will continue to grow even if it becomes slightly colder or warmer than that. Just make sure they get plenty of fresh air!

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How long can I keep my mushroom kit before initiating fruiting?

In general, we recommend initiating fruiting within 2-3 days of receiving your kit. This will give you the best success rates for fruiting. You can also place the kit in a fridge for several weeks if needed.

Where did your mushroom varieties originate?

We work with premier breeders and wild mushroom foragers to source our unique varieties.

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Above is a wild oyster mushroom that turned out to be a great producer! See the cultivated clone below.

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What is in the mushroom kit?

Our kits are made up of sawdust and various organic supplements.None of our blocks are treated with chemical pesticides, and they far exceed organic certification requirements.

How old is my kit when I receive it?

Every mushroom grow kit is made to order unless you are buying one of our discount kits.

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What happens if mushrooms grow too long?

You should harvest mushrooms from your mushroom growing kit before the crop produces spores. If your mushrooms grow too long, they are safe to eat as long as they are not decomposing. Over-mature mushrooms should be eaten quickly because they will have a shorter shelf life.

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Do I need to wear special safety gear when working with my mushroom kit?

No, but we do recommend wearing a dust mask and gloves when handling harvesting cultivated mushrooms for commercial sale. Hygiene is key!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether you're just starting out or considering buying our mushroom kits for reselling or commercial production, we are here to help. If all of this sounds intimidating and you need more information, let us know. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to help you.

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Mushroom Growing Kits | Fungi Farm (2024)


Are mushroom growing kits worth the money? ›

Mushroom grow kits are a great solution as they're easy to use and allow even the most inexperienced growers to produce fresh gourmet mushrooms year round. But not all mushroom grow kits are equal, so it's advisable to research and find a reliable supplier who offers a grow guarantee.

Is mushroom farming profitable? ›

Mushroom farming has many benefits over traditional agriculture; it's environmentally friendly, sustainable, efficient with space usage, low labor costs (when done right), and can be profitable if well planned out for small-scale operations.

How much money do you need to start a mushroom farm? ›

The cost can range from $3,000 to $100,000, depending upon how advanced you plan to make your farm.

Do mushroom grow kits keep producing? ›

Are mushroom growing kits reusable? Mushroom kits are not reusable, but most of them produce at least 2 harvests' worth of mushrooms. This means that you can get multiple harvests out of a single kit before needing to replace it.

What are the drawbacks of mushroom farming? ›

Mushrooms aren't well cultivated like most of what we grow for food. There are some which are much more picky with their conditions than others, growing for example only on particular substrates. It is also easy to contaminate your growing medium with other fungi as well.

Should mushroom kits be kept in dark? ›

All our kits are recommended to be grown in a room with enough light that you can read a book by during the day. Because mushrooms don't photosynthesis the light doesn't need to be natural, they'll get all their nutrition from the substrate block, and will just use the light to initiate growth.

What is the easiest mushroom to sell? ›

Shiitake and oyster mushrooms are the best choice for small-scale production, since they don't require a lot of equipment and space.

Can you make a living as a mushroom farmer? ›

As with any business, however, there are some risks involved and it takes a fair amount of hard work to be successful. If you're willing to put in the effort, though, growing gourmet mushrooms can be a very lucrative enterprise.

How much space do you need for a mushroom farm? ›

Mushrooms are an amazing crop, in that you can realistically churn out about 50kg (110lb) per week, from an area the size of about 8-10 square meters (90 square feet). This coupled with the fact that they demand very minimal water input, means you can grow a significant amount of mushrooms in a very very small space.

Are mushroom kits worth it? ›

Should You Try a Kit? If you have any interest in growing mushrooms at all, and you aren't ready to do it from scratch, then most definitely yes- you should try a kit! It will give you an idea of how mushrooms grow, and what requirements they need in order to fruit properly.

How many harvests do you get from a mushroom kit? ›

Expect to grow: 2-3 harvests of mushrooms / 150g - 300g

The first flush will always be the biggest. We've had some customers grow up to 4 flushes of mushrooms from our kits but on average you'll get 2 harvests. Once the kit has run out of nutrients and water it will be "spent" and won't produce any more mushrooms.

Can I reuse back to roots mushroom kit? ›

Test out if you're a real mushroom guru by trying to grow a bonus crop from the very same kit! Repeat the setup instructions on the other side of your substrate bag and try to get even more delicious 'shrooms from your kit! 2. Add it to your garden!

How much do you get out of a mushroom grow kit? ›

Expect to grow: 2-3 harvests of mushrooms / 150g - 300g

The first flush will always be the biggest. We've had some customers grow up to 4 flushes of mushrooms from our kits but on average you'll get 2 harvests.

What is the shelf life of a mushroom grow kit? ›

Most mushroom kits will store for 3-6 months in the fridge if necessary. To store your kit, keep it in the fridge. This puts the mycelium into hibernation and will prevent it escaping the box early. Don't keep it somewhere it could exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

What is the easiest and most profitable mushroom to grow? ›

The easiest mushrooms to grow that are also the most profitable are shiitake and oyster. While you may feel tempted to grow more valuable and challenging varieties, you have to understand that these will require more time and resources.

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